Employment & Consultancy Arrangements

People determine the success and failure of business. They can create and destroy value in equal measure. From an avoidance perspective we aim to secure the business from any potential negative acts of employees and consultants.

We are particularly concerned with use of confidential information, creation and ownership of intellectual property, and how the business is protected from departing employees unlawfully competing with its business and/or removing clients.

In essence dispute avoidance in an employee/consultant context leans heavily on a risk assessment of the company’s employment contracts, policies and procedures and consultancy contracts.

The contracts will clearly determine the extent of exposure to risk from employees and consultants both during and after their period of employment or consultancy.

The policies and procedures will aim to reduce the risk of employment based claims such as sex discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination and disability discrimination.

People Create & Destroy Business Value

Prudent risk management ensures creative endeavour is maintained for the business, that leaving employees do not strip out value, and confidential information and trade secrets remain such.