Rep Control™

The internet means more than ever that reputations require monitoring and protection. Avoidance is always better than cure and we work with professionals to inform clients of their online profile, how to cleanse it and how to protect from reputational harm.

Within this context we have successfully worked with very high profile international businessmen to alter their PEP status and to challenge their worldwide profiling.

Projects of this nature are very in depth and can require legal action to force change.

Our success in this area has been noteworthy and we continue to work confidentially with clients to shift their online footprint from adverse to neutral or positive.

The removal of PEP status and adverse internet content can have a freeing effect on the conduct of business.

We also work with media and sports personalities who inevitably attract significant media attention. We help to control their online reputation by monthly monitoring and education. Successful and early rep control has the benefit of reducing the prospect of uncontrollable brand erosion. And of course we move into crises containment if something occurs which is media worthy and yet damaging.

Rep Control™ is a strong tool for people and business to control what is said and how. In the pre-internet age conventional methods (threats to sue for defamation) were frequently used. Now harm can be self inflicted as well by external sources, and the direction of assault can be many.

Protection & Avoidance

The connection between personal brands and the wealth these attract means protection and avoidance should be a foremost priority for those in the public eye.