Founded in 2003, Spring Law specialises in dispute avoidance, dispute resolution, investigations and intelligence acquisition. Our clients are UK and foreign companies, and domestic and International high net worth individuals. We have offices in central London, Chichester and Gibraltar.

About Spring Law

The firm was founded to provide discerning clients with an alternative to large commercial law firms. Spring Law is a focused law firm that has at its core the avoidance and settlement of disputes of all nature and character. Since Spring Law began we have successfully managed disputes in all divisions of the UK Court system, generally but not exclusively in the High Court.

A niche practice

Our decision to be a niche practice means that we are immersed in the Court system and are comfortable litigating every kind of dispute, whether it is personal, business or public law. We having particular expertise in disputes involving the laws of contract, negligence, defamation, privacy, fraud, intellectual property, warranties, indemnities, guarantees, construction, consumer, sale of goods, and family.

Carefully selected lawyers

We pride ourselves on the quality and dedication of our lawyers. It has always been our purpose to compete with the top litigation and disputes teams in London. We have achieved this by ensuring we are smart in the acquisition of our legal talent. In disputes work, perhaps more than any other area of law, academic ability is critical to success. We therefore look to people with proven academic track records, but that alone is not enough to regularly achieve good results in Court.

The other ingredient that we prize is the ability to think out of the box in a practical sense – identifying what really matters and formulating strategies geared towards obtaining the result.

Who we work with

Most of our work is characterised by value and/or complexity. This has naturally led us to work with large corporations both in the UK and internationally and high net worth individuals. Invariably that means working closely with General Counsels to business, with business owners, and successful individuals. Since we offer disputes only services we are able to bring or defend legal actions freely without being concerned with conflicts of interest, and we frequently receive work from other conflicted law firms.

Achieving the best result cost-effectively

Our approach to every client problem is informed by a single objective: How to achieve the best result for a proportionate amount of money.

Litigation is not a static landscape and we constantly appraise throughout a case whether the risk profile of the dispute has shifted by reason of documents or evidence disclosed, and whether the costs of continuing the litigation are merited by the desired outcome.

Transparency on legal costs

Legal costs are clearly a major client concern and that is rightfully so. We have found through experience that early and continuing transparency on costs enables clients to monitor their exposure and to budget accordingly.

We often work with client finance departments to ensure their thinking and need to budget is factored into our approach. We have taken care to ensure that our hourly rates remain highly competitive within our market for high value and complex cases. To that end our highest partner rate is £525 plus VAT per hour, and reduces depending on the seniority of the lawyer.

We always suggest to our clients to consider de-risking cases (where they are Claimant) and to see whether their case is suitable for litigation funding. Cases that suit litigation funding tend to be contract orientated disputes where the damages claimed exceed £5,000,000.

It is certainly true that litigation funding is not appropriate to some clients/cases, but in certain cases it allows clients to pursue cases that are otherwise left to one side.

Reputable niche disputes law firm

Spring Law is a highly respected niche disputes firm. We work hard each day to maintain and build upon our reputation and to be a firm of first choice for disputes resolved by Court, arbitration, mediation, and expert determination.

Our Approach

To be effective at what we do we recruit high calibre academic lawyers with a streetwise instinct for advantage. Litigation or solving disputes by mediation and arbitration is a people’s business. Our approach is driven by good communicators, people clients like to work with and who possess strong written and advocacy skills.

Our People

We are proud of our people at Spring Law, all of whom have been chosen for their academic qualities and likeability.

Contact Us

We have offices in London, the south of England and Gibraltar. For enquiries please complete our online enquiry form.

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