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Frances Sieber

Family Law

Frances Sieber | Spring Law

Frances has practised family law for over 35 years, working in the West End, before being head of family law in a City firm. She joined Spring Law in 2014.

She has broad experience in family law, dealing with family disputes, whether regarding finance or children. She acts for HNW individuals and has advised some clients for over 30 years and now advises the children and grandchildren of clients she acted for years ago. She has dealt with a number of cross border disputes, particularly dealing with forum issues and leave to remove children.

From her early experience working in a West End firm undertaking bankruptcy law, she has a particular interest in cohabitant disputes, whether same sex or opposite sex.

Frances believes that if a dispute can be avoided it should be and should be anticipated, if possible. She passionately believes pre-nuptial agreements are useful. She tried to resolve disputes by agreement or using some form of ADR. She is a trained collaborative lawyer. But if a dispute cannot be resolved by agreement, she will go to court.

Frances is a founder member of City of London Collaborative Lawyers (a group of collaborative lawyers).

Important cases:

  • Chorley v Chorley 2005
  • Francis v Francis 2010

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