Risk Control™

Risk Control™ saves money and de-risks the probability of disputes arising. The aim of Risk Control™ is to keep our clients out of disputes, and if disputes arise to make sure we are successful in winning it for them.

Pro Active

We encourage clients to allow us to pro-actively be engaged in the management of their risk. Risk in business can manifest itself in many ways. Our pro active approach to risk management is informed by the following sentiment:

“Better put a strong fence around the top of the cliff, than an ambulance down in the valley”
Joseph Malins 1895

We know from considerable experience in resolving disputes that problems identified early can be solved more quickly and for less cost.

We have a number of specific products available to clients that enable them to be effective in controlling risk in their organisation. Typically “risk” in the public sector means employee risk, data risk, compliance, contract risk, and litigation risk.

Our Risk Control products are aimed at minimising the origination of disputes.

Risk Control Products™

We have the following products available to public sector buyers.

Litigation Ready™

Legal claims are highly damaging to any organisation and can easily extinguish all commercial advantage.

Being Litigation Ready™ means being prepared to go to Court, whether to defend of bring a claim. To be in the state of readiness an organisation needs to first consider where risk events may arise and how these would be dealt with.

We assess where organisational risk is likely to arise, review internal and external communications and rules and understand how the organisation controls its documents, how it conducts key meetings and how records are kept and maintained.

It is prudent to be Litigation Ready™. Evidence both oral and documentary may win or lose cases as do inadvertent admissions made in the lead up to disputes coming to Court.

Employment & Consultancy Reviews

People determine the success and failure of any organisation. They can create and destroy value in equal measure. From an avoidance perspective we aim to secure the organisation from any potential negative acts of employees and consultants. We are particular concerned with unauthorised use of confidential information, creation and ownership of intellectual property, and how the organisation manages its employees out.

In essence dispute avoidance in an employee/consultant context leans heavily on a risk assessment of the company’s employment contracts, policies and procedures and consultancy contracts. The contracts will clearly determine the extent of exposure to risk from employees and consultants both during and after their period of employment or consultancy. The policies and procedures will aim to reduce the risk of employment based claims such as unfair dismissal, sex discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination and disability discrimination.

Saving Money

Effective control of risk in a public sector environment can save money by avoiding the origination of expensive and time-consuming disputes.