Spring Law participated in a tender for the wider public sector panel agreement (the RM3788).

Following the evaluation of bids Spring Law was awarded a place on the panel on 7th September 2018, being one of 80 law firms in England and Wales authorised to provide legal services to the public sector. 

We offer the following services to the public sector:




This includes:


  • Contract risk assessment (risk avoidance)

  • Litigation preparedness audit (risk avoidance)

  • Dispute management (risk avoidance and mitigation)

  • In contract legal support (risk avoidance and mitigation)

  • Intelligence activities on contract counterparties, M&A and key person hire (risk avoidance)

  • Cyber assessment (risk avoidance)

  • Board advisory: on the spot confidential attendance & advice at key senior level management meetings and decision points (risk avoidance and strategic mitigation)




Spring Law are experts in the following fields of law:


  • Company and contractual disputes, with a vertical expertise in ICT procurement and in-contract dispute resolution of ICT generated problems.

  • Intellectual property

  • Money laundering, conspiracy, fraud & deceit

  • Employment and discrimination

  • Negligence

  • Health and Safety

  • Breach of Trust & fiduciary duties



We offer:


  • Debt recovery services

  • Litigation services

  • Mediation services

  • Arbitration services

  • Employment Tribunal services

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