Spring | Risk identifies, analyses and controls risk for clients.  We work with our network of specialist advisers to create and implement solutions for the control of risk in clients’ business and personal lives in order to protect and enhance their interests.

We offer entirely bespoke risk services or can provide advisory packages in the following areas:

Risk Management for profit

  • Auditing or creating risk reporting structures and processes
  • Identifying and ranking live and anticipated legal risks
  • Assessing external threats to core business assets


  • Reputation audit and management
  • Contingency planning for offensive and defensive reputation management
  • Planning legal strategy for the mitigation of reputational risk

Transaction due diligence

  • Investor/Investee pre-transaction preparation
  • Analysis of counter-party key executives
  • Counter-party reputation and performance analysis

Key contracts audit

  • Dispute risk scenario planning
  • Stress testing and near misses reviews
  • Drafting to mitigate litigation risk

Compliance as a means to business growth

  • The Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the need for supply chain transparency.
  • The impact of UK privacy and Data Protection law
  • Advising on the use of practical tools to combat bribery and money laundering risk.

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