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In the modern multi-media world, the reputation of a person or business can be affected with alarming speed.

The universal and endemic use of blogs, social media and internet video channels can lead to the worldwide dissemination of information within minutes. Such information is often incorrect, misleading or defamatory yet placed near the top of search results by unfiltered search engine optimisation technology and often subsequently picked up by mainstream news agencies.

High profile individuals and businesses need measures and advisers in place to act immediately to limit any harm to reputation. The reputation of ambitious people and businesses is the essence of their success.

Spring | Risk provide market leading services to protect reputation. This includes non-legal solutions such as pre-emptive investigatory work and detection measures, training and know how through our umbrella network of PR, brand, communications and intelligence agencies and strategists.

On the legal side, Spring | Risk has a team of experienced former City lawyers who can advise on, find and implement the appropriate legal solutions in a quick, responsive and approachable manner. Our legal experts will utilise the relevant area of law such as:

  • Defamation
  • Law of Privacy
  • Law of Confidence
  • Law of Malice and Malicious Falsehood
  • Human Rights Law

The Spring | Risk legal team are experts in bringing and defending injunctions in the High Court and if there is a criminal aspect to the case in question, the Spring | Risk umbrella network includes market leading criminal law practitioners.

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