Organisations must understand their unique risks to the greatest possible extent, and realise generic market data is insufficient. Uniquely effective security means board level ownership and direction utilising questions of compromise, tactics, techniques, intelligence and procedures to match good security, requirements with strategic objectives. Only with focused threat intelligence can analysts spend their precious and […]

  • 06th March 2017

A private members’ bill to ban unpaid internships was introduced in the House of Commons by Alec Shelbrooke (Conservative) in November 2016, but despite some cross-party approval, was rejected by most of his Conservative colleagues. The proposed legislation was designed to ensure that anyone working as an intern would be paid the minimum wage, dependent […]

Large companies and LLPs will soon be required to report on their payment practices and policies related to contracts for goods and services with small companies. This is designed to give protection to smaller businesses and reduce late payment culture. The regulations which come into force on 6th April will require certain companies to submit […]